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                  Windmill Bay

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 -Police: 110

-Local Enquiry Directory: 114

 -Weather: 121
 -Ambulance 120
 -Fire 119
 -Traffic Accident 122
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-Hamilton      Canada
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Bandung       Indonesia
Pingze          Korea
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Rumoi          Japan
Korat           Thailand
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It is thus very feasible that in 10 to 15 years' time, Yingkou can be a major international port and distribution center for Northeast China, Central and Eastern U.S.S.R (currently Russia), Mongolia and China's lnner Mongolia. It is also likely to be one of the tech metropolis with a galaxy of talent and flourishing economy of the Northeast Asia region. It is based on reasonable theories that Yingkou has the incomparable advantages such as its hinterland industry foundation, natural resources, qualified professionals, geographic position, port facilities, etc., which any other economic development zones and special zones in China so far cannot catch up with.
--From the Report of the United Nations Development Program Mission on Development of Yingkou City and Yingkou Economic Zone (YEZ)

 Travel in Yingiou

 Hot Land For Investment
Yingkou Area of China (Liaoning)Pilot Free Trade Zone
-Yingkou Economic And Technical Development Zone (State Level)
-Yingkou Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone  (State Level)
-Liaoning (Yingkou) Coastal Industrial Base (State Level)
-Magnesium Industry Sustainable Development experimental Zone
-Liaoning (Yingkou) Music Instrument Base
-Xianrendao energy and chemical engineering Zone

-Liaohe Ferry Old St
-Bell & DrumTower
-God Temple
-Chi Hang Temple
-Jin Niu Mountain
Qinglong Mountain
-Hejiagou Ski Resort
-Daqinghe Drift
-Crescent Bay Beach
-Huang Yakou Tour
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